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March 2014

Updated Rental list:  Monday, April 07, 2014



Heat & Air


Damage Fund

Total amount to

Move in

Target date for the rentals becoming available to move in.









209 West Monroe Street

Thomasville, Georgia 31792

6 offices, 2 bathrooms (one w shower), reception area





Not sure at this time.  When would you need it?

Mechanic’s shop


Formerly Mathew’s Service center and Boone’s Auto Repairs


Great Location




329 North Madison Street

Mechanics Shop or

other commercial use

Commercial building






We have nothing available to rent as far as resoidential listings at this time.  we will add new residential listings to the RENTAL list once we have one to add. 


All rentals available at this time are listed, NO MATTER THE LOCATION IT is up to you to get the rental list and ride around to see what may work or may not work for you in your price range and the neighborhood you are looking for.     we ask you to look at the neighborhoods and the outside of the house before trying to set up a time to get you inside. 


RENTALS ARE RENTED ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS WITH ALL FUNDS DUE PAID IN FULL AND AN APPLICATION COMPLETED AT THE SAME TIME.  You will not be considered for occupancy unless we have all the money and an application.  Once you have looked at the rental of your choice and you want to rent it for one year, complete the application and enclose your monies in an envelope, slide through mail slot at the office anytime 24/7.


Why the office is locked or seems closed all the time:  We have business and meetings outside of the office as well as inside of the office. If we do not know you are coming by then we have as much work outside of the office as inside.  We cannot have someone in the office all the time.  Call our office @ 226-3889 extension 0 or 403-7300 (Richard Cook) or 305-5979 (Brian Lameier) before you come to the office is a good policy.  We are CLOSED Tuesday afternoons and WEEKENDS. 


Normal office hours:  Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 AM till 5 PM.  On Tuesday’s, we close at NOON.  However, we are IN and OUT and sometimes OUT more than in the office. 


RENT PRICES-- NEIGHBORHOODS:  This is the most popular question of all.  Someone always SAYS, “I am looking for a reasonable priced rental in a nice neighborhood.”  We cannot DESCRIBE neighborhoods.  Where someone lives is a personal decision, right or wrong.    You can ask people in the community about the areas of town, but we cannot describe


Neighborhoods.  Also, keeping in mind the more you pay for something in rent or sale, normally (not always) the better house, the better the neighborhood, better floor plan, more things furnished like refrigerator and stove, normally has central heat and air for comfort, etc.  This is why there are $50,000 houses and $500,000 houses.  Not everyone can afford the comforts of one versus the other.  You have to find one that is within your budget.


TO SEE THE INSIDE OF OUR RENTALS:  Email works good in setting up a time and date you would like to look on the inside.  Email address is cookrealtyrental@aol.com.  Web site is www.cookrealest.com Once you find one you would like to see the inside, call us back at 229-226-3889, Extension 3 or 0.  You most likely will have to leave us a voice message.


MOST UPDATED LIST OF RENTALS:  We can fax, mail, or email the most updated RENTALS AVAILABLE list at any time or you can always swing by the office 24 hours a day 7 days a week to see what may be newly added to the list.  we always rent some and are adding new ones:  Check with us periodically, as this list does change sometimes daily, twice a week, bi-weekly, or monthly.  We just never know when we will be adding a new one.  And the new one may be the one you have been looking for in your price range.    We like correspondence by sending you the most updated list of rentals by email.  If you would send us an email at cookrealtyrental@aol.com and ask for our current list of rentals, we can reply with the most updated list of RENTALS normally the same day.


CALL THE OFFICE TELEPHONE FOR OUR CURRENT LIST OF RENTALS OVER THE TELEPHONE:  Cook Real Estate Agency went to an AUTOMATED ANSWERING SERVICE SYSTEM to allow people to call and get our list of rentals over the telephone 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We keep this list updated with our most updated list of rentals.  During the day, if someone answers your call, then ask to be put through to our rental list.  We will.  Once the answering system starts, press 1 for our current list of rentals.  Again, this is 24/7 you can call the office to get our list of rentals.


DIRECTIONS:  DIRECTIONS to all rentals:  All directions are from our office of Cook Real Estate Agency at 207 West Monroe Street in Thomasville Georgia.   It is up to you to ride by and make your own judgments of where or where not you will live.  Unfortunately, the way things are today, we cannot steer you or recommend any locations.  


1)       COMMERCIAL RENTAL—TUNE UP SHOP AVAILABLE--329 North Madison Street(station on the corner)---This has been a tune up shop for many years.  This is a good opportunity for someone to open a mechanic’s shop and make some money.  It has 3 bays.  Very limited equipment (if any) furnished at the low price of $800 rent.  See Richard Cook for details- His cell is 229-403-7300. 

2)       209 West Monroe Street-6 offices, 2 baths with a shower in one. 2000 square foot office.

Please read carefully the information provided to you on the next few pages, as it will help you understand more how we operate our business and how we will rent you a place to live. 


TO RENT A HOUSE FROM COOK REAL ESTATE AGENCY:  Bring in the total amount of monies (NO CASH ON PREMISES.  MUST BE CERTIFIED FUNDS FROM YOUR BANK or GET A MONEY ORDER) to move in, complete the home application, allow us 24 to 48 hours to process and approve your application.  Once approved, we will set up a time to complete a ONE YEAR LEASE.  Allow 30 minutes to complete the lease.  Please leave children with a babysitter, as we need to stay focused to understand our rules and regulations and what we expect from you as a tenant of one of our rental houses or apartments.

TIME FRAME:  WHEN DO YOU WANT TO MOVE IN A RENTAL OF COOK REAL ESTATE’S:  Everyone’s time frame of wanting to move in one of our rentals is different?  It helps us to know if you want to move now, a week from now, a month from now, etc.  Cook Real Estate Agency cannot hold any rental for any length of time, unless it is currently occupied and you want to put all monies down to rent the house as the tenants are moving out. 




When does rent start:  We WILL to start the rent as soon as your application is approved, not when you say you want to start moving in or you want us to start the rent.  Your rent will begin and a lease will be signed within 24 to 48 hours of completing the application and paying the total amount of money to move in.  Again, if it is occupied and will be a little while before house is ready for move in, then we can hold it for you with all monies paid in advance.  If you want to move in two weeks, or a month from now, or 2 months from the date we accepted money, then there is no need to put money down, unless you are paying and moving in at your own leisure keeping the rent paid up ON or BEFORE the 1st day of the month.  If you are planning on moving in at a later date, we will need to know this in writing your date you will be moving in the house.  Some have to pay a month or two in advance and move when they are planning. Utilities need to be on in your name as soon as we do the lease signing.   So, we will need to discuss these options. 


When is RENT DUE:  All of our rents are due and expected ON or BEFORE the 1st day of each month.  ALL RENTS ARE PAID IN ADVANCE.  This means before the month starts.   


PRO-RATE RENT:  If there is any proration of first month’s rent, we will prorate for the second month, not the first month.  We do not prorate the last month or when you are planning on moving.  If the first rolls around then RENT IS DUE and you will owe a full month’s rent.


Work with you:  WE WILL NOT WORK WITH YOU ON A DEPOSIT OR WE WILL NOT ACCEPT JUST A DEPOSIT PAYING THE OTHER AMOUNT AT A LATER DATE.  We get this quite often; a person will ask us “will you accept $200 to hold 212 Example Street for us. “  The answer is always NO.  WE MUST RECEIVE THE TOTAL AMOUNT TO MOVE IN (ALL AT ONCE).  NO PARTIAL PAYMENTS.  unfortuNately, we cannot hold any places for any length of time with a partial payment.  we want to start the rental income for the owner as soon as possible. 


Home Application: MUST QUALIFYYou must complete a home application to rent a house from us.  It takes 24-48 hours to approve or not approve your application.  You cannot move in the same day you put money up to Rent.  We have a 24 to 48-hour minimum waiting period for processing your information on the home application.  Just drop it off in an envelope with the full amount to move in.  Please, do not drop off cash, as we no longer accept cash.  If we get your application and no monies with it, we will do nothing with your application until we receive the full amount to move in.


We will process your application.  In the processing, we check to see if you pay your bills and other information that will help us get to know you better.  Do not let checking information stop you from completing an application or applying for a house or apartment to rent from us.  Background checks are necessary.


PETS:  PET FRIENDLY: PET FEE:  Owners are getting away from tenants being able to have pets in their rental houses and apartments. PETS IN GENERAL do so much damage to properties and owners end up paying for what your pet did. With this said, pets must be addressed per property.  The owner makes the final choice of whether they want pets in their houses or apartments.  If you are going to have a dog or cat or any other pet and we have Okayed you to have the pet while renting from us, we will need a $300 PET FEE that is NON REFUNDABLE.   THERE ARE NO PETS ALLOWED UNLESS APROVED BY COOK REAL ESTATE IN WRITING AND SIGNED BY ALL PARTIES.  We will sign a no pet’s clause when signing the lease.


Taking rental house OR APARTMENT off the RENTAL MARKET for you:  Once we get THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF MONEY TO MOVE IN, we will take the rental house you are interested in renting off the rental market for the 48 hour period. NO ONE ELSE CAN GET IT, as we are trying our best to get you into the house of your choice.  If your application is not approved for any reason, then the house will go back on the rental market and your monies will be refunded.  When receiving monies to move in, we will complete a legal document explaining the monies being refunded.  We will try our best to get you into your new rental as soon as practically possible. 


When can we get started moving in:  Once we have approved your application, we will complete the one year lease with you.  Once we have gone over the lease with you, we will hand you a key and you can start moving in.  Again, allow 30 minutes for the lease signing process.


 CONCERNS:  Your concerns are important to us and are normal.  There is no way we can have every single rental on this RENTAL LIST ready to look at or ready to move in when we list them on the rental list.  write down your concerns as we hand deliver your concerns to the people making the decisions on what needs to be done and what is more of a cosmetic issue we may not correct as we may not be able to spend the money to get just right for you.


Understand reality, we may not be able to correct all of your concerns. In this case, you can normally correct those things we are not able to correct for you at your own costs.  We do not take anything off the rental amount.  Everybody wants the world and a real nice place, but the owner is not willing to spend that money for you.  It is just a rental house and not your permanent home.  When you rent, it is normally temporary or a year or so. 


HOME IMPROVEMENTS:  Any things you want to do to make it more of a home for you (COSMETIC ITEMS) is normally accepted by the owner, but has to be WRITTEN DOWN, SIGNED, DATED, ADDRESS, NAME, ETC. AND passed by the owner for his or her approval.  Also, tenants must understand again that it will be their costs and not the owners, but we first need to respect the owner’s property and pass your ideas of home improvement by the owner.  Please state this on our home improvement form, with the understanding the owner will not pay for your concerns (above the costs of what we can correct), wants, and needs.  We try our best to make the house as nice as possible with limited funds.


TERM OF LEASES Most of our leases are for ONE YEAR.  Therefore, we normally do not have many short-term leases.  Normally, if you are looking for a short-term lease (2 or 3 months or even 6 months’) and/or want something furnished, we suggest the bed and breakfast type housing.  There are really no seasonal rentals available we are aware of that are furnished with all furniture.  We do have a rental on this list at 108 Rachel Lane that is fully furnished with furniture, plates, silverware, towels, beds, couches, TV’s, Etc.  It is for a one year lease. 


MOST IMPORTANTLY:  We ask you to come by the office and get a hard copy of our list of rentals.  We keep this list of rentals right outside our front door (to the RIGHT as you come up the steps of the office magazine rack) where you can come by the office 24/7 to see what is available FOR RENT.  The red and white information box states RENTAL LIST HERE and above it states TAKE ONE FREE.  Just open the top of the white box and take one of the lists with the information inside of how to rent a house through Cook Real Estate Agency.


What to do to rent one of our houses in a nut shell:  When you are ready to look on the inside of any of our rentals, call us (229-226-3889, ext 3 or 0, 229-403-7300 or 229-305-5979) and we can try and get something set up pretty quickly to get you on the inside to look.  Occupied houses:  Tenants must be 24 hour’s notice before showing.  We hope when houses are occupied that Current tenants will cooperate and help us set up appointments to see the inside.


Where’s the money? The green stuff?   People joke about this, but it is true.  Bring the total amount of money to move in in the form of a money order or certified funds from your bank and complete an application, we will get you started in renting a house or apartment from us.  Get your ducks in a row.


OUR JOB IS TO RENT HOUSES:  We will try to the best of our ability to move you in the apartment or house of your choice as soon as possible.  We want to start the rent as soon as possible.


 People can RENT, BUY, or SELL REAL ESTATE through our agency of Cook Real Estate Agency.  WE ARE A REALTOR, too, just like First Thomasville Realty, Chubb and Associates, REMAX, Darby REALTY services, Thomasville Real Estate Group, The Wright Group, Renaissance Realty,  Crocker Realty, etc.  We have been in business in Thomasville, Georgia since 1960, making us over 50 years old helping people find a home.  WE SELL LAND (acres) sometimes with house on it, TOO.  Explain to Brian what you are actually looking to buy and he will search to see if there is anything like what you are looking for on the REAL ESTATE market at this time.


We can SELL as well as RENT properties:  COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL, AND LAND/ACREAGE/Farms:  If you know someone that wants to sell their house or land (large or small), we can help them like any other real estate company.  We are listing and selling properties for other owners.  If you know someone wanting to BUY or SELL Real Estate (land or residential or commercial buildings), call Brian Lameier, Sales associate @ 229-305-5979.  Brian is a licensed Realtor.  Richard W. Cook is a licensed Real Estate Broker.


We can show any other Realtors listings they have For Sale-If you see another REAL ESTATE FOR SALE SIGN (1st Thomasville Realty, Chubb and Associates, RE/MAX, Darby Realty Services,  Crocker Realty, etc.) on the property other than Cook Real Estate Agency, we can get all the information you need for you to buy that house or land.  Call Brian.  Brain is very knowledgeable as he has appraisal background. 


MEETING people:  We meet all persons at the office of Cook Real Estate Agency located at 207 West Monroe Street in Thomasville, Georgia, unless there are other arrangements made for you to meet the tenants that occupy the house or apartment at the house.  We make arrangements with you personally to go and look at the houses or places by yourself.  We make a copy of a photo ID, you will sign a key release form, YOU CAN GET A KEY, and you will have 30 minutes to go and look on the inside of the rental of your choice and bring the key back to our office. 


LOCATION OF OUR OFFICE:  Our office of Cook Real Estate Agency is centrally located in DOWNTOWN THOMASVILLE, one block from the DOWNTOWN Post Office, one block from the Thomas County Library, and one block from the Thomas County Courthouse.  Actually, they have built the new judicial building or courthouse in our BACKYARD.  Address is 207-209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville.  Our office is right off of Business Highway 84 or Madison Street.  Cook Real Estate Agency’s office is directly across the street from Singletary Tire Service, Tom Horne Supply, and Horne Candy Company.  Our office has been in this general vicinity since 1960. 


PROPERTY MANAGEMENT:  If you know someone that has a rental house or several rentals (apartments) and they are always complaining about not being able to collect the rent, we handle these problems for these owners.  With a 95% to 98% collection rate ON COLLECTING RENTS, we will do our best to collect the rent for the owner.  We do not let people get behind on their rent.  ALL OUR RENTS ARE DUE AND EXPECTED ON OR BEFORE THE 1ST DAY OF EACH MONTH.


REALTOR:  Brian Lameier, our Sales Associate with Cook Real Estate Agency, would like to be YOUR REALTOR when it comes to finding a HOME.  Whether you are RENTING PROPERTY, SELLING PROPERTY, WANTING SOMEONE TO MANAGE YOUR RENTALS, OR WHETHER YOU ARE BUYING, Cook Real Estate Agency has over 54 years of experience.  Whether you are looking for land, residential, commercial, etc., Cook Real Estate Agency would like to help you locate what you are looking for. 

We have many sources to try and find what you are looking for to BUY or Purchase Real Estate.  PLEASE CALL Brian Lameier, our Sales Associate, on his cell phone at 229-305-5979 for BUYING and Selling REAL ESTATE or Richard W. Cook, Real Estate Broker for most all of the Rentals at 229-403-7300.  

Thank you for your interest in our business.   

Check our web site at www.cookrealest.com for our history. 


Commercial Rental:  Garage FOR RENT:  Right next to the Thomas County Courthouse, there is a Garage that is FOR RENT.  This is on the corner of Madison and Monroe Streets in downtown Thomasville.  Address is 329 North Madison Street.  There has been successful; businesses in this location.  Rent will be $800 a month rent and a $800 deposit required before moving in.  A one year lease is required.  A longer lease can be discussed.  You must furnish you own equipment such as lifts, tire changers, etc.  Ask about more details.













329 North Madison Street,

Thomasville, Georgia 31792

Remodel (put your own touches at a reasonable rent) to make this your home of going to work each day.

(Corner of Madison and Monroe Streets)

Mechanic’s Shop

(Formerly Mathew’s Service Center &

Most recently, Boone’s Auto Repair)

Good location, good visibility, high traffic volume, Downtown area on Madison Street.  This station is across the street from Thomasville National Bank, next to Thomas County Courthouse, down from the Downtown Post Office, Georgia Department of Labor, Close to the Thomas County Library, next to Cook Real Estate Agency, Singletary Tire Company, Tom Horne Supply, Horne Candy, etc.

$800 RENT + $800 Deposit = $ 1,600---Total Amount to Move in.



3 station bays, very little equipment furnished, if any.

If interested, call Richard W. Cook at 229-403-7300.





Procedures in RENTING a house or apartment with COOK REAL ESTATE AGENCY!

In order to rent any house or apartment from Cook Real Estate Agency, you must have an application completed and the TOTAL (Don’t come to me and say “I am $50 short of the full amount”) amount of money to move in before we will accept anything or before we can move forward in trying to qualify you to rent from us.    The application is in this packet. 


Place application that you will complete plus certified funds(NO CASH, PERSONAL CHECK, or THIRD PARTY CHECKS ACCEPTED) in the form of money order or certified check from your bank for the full amount of money to move in.  If you are going to have a pet, add $300 one time pet fee.  Total amount of monies that will need to be paid to be accepted to rent through  our agency is the FULL RENT + FULL DEPOSIT + FULL PET FEE= Total amount to move in.  Get an envelope, slide completed application in the envelope, slide certified funds check or money order in envelope, and slide it through the mail slot in the front door of the office at 207 West Monroe Street.  If you would like to meet us personally, you will need to try and coordinate over our cell phones when we can meet you at the office.  If you state a time and you are not there at that time, we will be gone taking care of other business.  If you are not going to make your time, it would be nice to know it.  Call our cell phones to cancel as we may be dropping what we are working on away from the office to make a special trip to come and meet you.


Once we receive the completed application and monies, we will have two business days to approve or not approve your application.  If not approve, we will refund monies.  If approved or in process of approving and you change your mind, you lose all monies.  So, make sure you have made up your mind before sliding your monies through the mail slot that this is where you want to live because we are going to try our best to get you in this place you have chosen.  Once we receive monies, we are taking house off rental market for you and nobody else can get it.  Therefore, you are committing that you are renting the house for one year.



We have other rentals available.  To get our list of rentals over the telephone, press extension 1 while calling the office number.  We also keep a list of our rentals outside the front door of our office at 207 West Monroe Street 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We can always email our updated rental list to you.  Send us an email at cookrealtyrental@aol.com and we will send you this list in an attachment you can download and print out for a hard copy.  We can also, fax or mail a list of rentals.  Call the office and leave us a message with your mailing address or send it via email. With all the ways of communication these days, we like to get our list f rentals in your hands so you can ride around and make your own choices of where or where not you would like to live from the outside appearance before getting you a key to see the inside. 

Thank you.


TO SEE INSIDE OF THIS RENTAL:   ONCE you find a rental you would like to see the inside of the house/apartment, please call 229-226-3889 and press extension 3 or 0.  If we are unable to answer your call, please leave us a message with your return phone number, the address you are interested in looking on the inside, and about what time frame you would like to view the house.  We would try our best to get you inside in your time frame.  We will return your call.  Or you can try our cell phones listed below.  We are blessed to being busy talking with many possible renters. 
Cook Real Estate Agency
209 West Monroe Street, Post Office Box 786
Thomasville, Georgia 31799, USA
(229)226-3889 ***  Fax: (229)226-3978

Richard W. Cook, Broker/Owner
E-mail: CookRealtyRental@aol.com
Cell: (229) 403-7300
Brian Lameier,
Sales Associate
E-mail: bdlameier@yahoo.com
Cell: (229) 305-5979