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August, 2018

Updated Rental list: Wednesday, August 1, 2018



Heat & Air





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312 Kern Street

Vacant, show anytime

3 bedrooms, 2 baths







403 Park Avenue

Vacant, show anytime

3 bedrooms, 2 baths






        The best way to see the inside of any of our rentals is to text 229-403-7300 when you want to look.

        FIRST COME FIRST SERVE WITH ALL (certified funds) MONIES PAID IN FULL AND COMPLETED HOME APPLICATION PRESENTED AT THE SAME TIME.  Applications can be emailed to you. Send us an email at cookrealtyrental@aol.com and we will send you the application.  Or we can fax to your work.  Or we can tape one to the front door of our office.  Just let us know by asking us to tape an application to front door of our office@ 209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville, Georgia.  You can text this message or email us to tape application to front door of office and about what time you will be by the pick it up.

        All RENTALS we have available at the date of this rental list are LISTED, no matter the location!

        Pets:  Cook Real Estate Agency requires a $300 PET FEE to be paid up front with rent and security deposit (Damage fund) to move in.  Non Refundable PET FEE (not a pet deposit) must be paid before key is given to move in.  The pet fee is a separate fee altogether.  Otherwise, there will be a NO PETS clause in the LEASE.   If a pet is found on the property and you have not paid the $300 pet fee, then immediate eviction will occur or you will be asked to move immediately.  This is an immediate violation of the lease agreement.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE LEASE.

        It is up to you to get our list of rentals, ride by the areas and look for yourself at the neighborhoods.  There is no sense in setting up to see the inside of any of the RENTAL houses without placing your eyes on the outside and the neighborhood. This is first and foremost. 

        AFTER SEEING THE OUTSIDE AND THE NEIGHBORHOOD FOR YOURSELF, Cook Real Estate Agency normally gets you a key (or tell you where a key is located) and let you go and look on your own.  A lot of times we have the key in the office.  Cook Real Estate Agency will communicate showings by cell phone at 229-403-7300 by call or text or email at cookrealtyrental@aol.com.  After Cook Real Estate Agency gives you the key, we ask you to text us to let us know you have arrived at the RENTAL to look on the inside.  We ask you to lock up and text us when you are leaving.  229-403-7300.   This is a way of knowing when someone is viewing the property.  HONOR SYSTEM.  Keep in mind, Cook Real Estate Agency allows 30 minutes from the time you get the key to go and have a look on the inside of the rental of your choice.

        Come by the office of Cook Real Estate Agency @ 209 West Monroe Street to pick up our current RENTAL LIST in our GREEN information box outside the front door of our office ANYTIME  24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

        Please continue to check back with us, as we never know when something else will be added.  We do not keep a list to call back, because time we call you back, you have found something.  It is easier to check with us periodically to see if there has been something newly added to the list.  Again, several ways to get our list of rentals.

        Please take time and read all information provided, as it will answer 95% of your questions on how we operate and how to RENT a House or an Apartment through Cook Real Estate Agency.  We have been renting houses and duplex apartments since 1960.  We know a little bit about renting houses and have a system in doing so. 

        Concerns:  write down your concerns on paper.  Give us a punch list, if there is one.  We can always miss something even as large or small, as it may seem to you.  We will go and take a second look.  Cannot guarantee a change, but will look.

        Cook Real Estate Agency suggests when you find a RENTAL YOU LIKE after viewing the inside and outside, it is in the neighborhood you are looking for, and it is in your price range, to complete the HOME application and get us the total amount of monies to move in.  For an application, leave us a message on our cell phone(text 229-403-7300) with your fax number or your email address.  Or send us an email at cookrealtyrental@aol.com to send you a copy of our application. 

        All payments must be in certified funds such as money order or cashier’s check.  Cook Real Estate Agency does not accept cash any longer or personal checks, or third party checks.  We cannot take credit cards or debit cards. 

        Cook Real Estate Agency wants certified funds on all payments and cannot be partial payments like just the deposit.  Cook Real Estate Agency cannot hold any properties for any length of time without monies paid and application complete.  When placing monies up to RENT one of our houses, you should be ready to sign a ONE YEAR lease within 48 hours (if approved of course).

        Cook Real Estate Agency tries to describe the best we can the size of the house or apartment by saying 1 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR, & 4 BR.  Sometimes a 2 bedroom can be large enough and have an extra room you could make it a 3 BR or a size of a house that will work for you.  The key is you should set up a time to view the inside.  You should always put your own eyes on the rental before making any decisions.  This is why it is hard to rent a house when you live out of town.  If you have a friend or relative that can go and look, we suggest this.  You will not get a feel with pictures only. 

        AGAIN, TO RE-EMPHASIZE; RENTALS ARE RENTED ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS WITH ALL (NOT JUST DEPOSIT) FUNDS DUE PAID IN FULL AND AN APPLICATION COMPLETED and presented at the same time.  You will not be considered for occupancy unless we have all the money and a completed application, with personal information on your application.  Applications considered not complete will not be accepted.  Once you have looked at the rental of your choice and you want to rent it for one year, complete the application and enclose your monies in an envelope, slide through mail slot at the office anytime 24/7.  yOU CAN TEXT US TO LET US KNOW YOU HAVE DONE SO.  229-403-7300.

Why IS the office locked or seems closed QUITE A BIT: 

Cook Real Estate Agency has business and meetings outside of the office as well as inside of the office.   Call or text before you come to the office is a good policy.  229-403-7300 cell.

o   IN & OUT:  IMPORTANT TO REALIZE:  Brian Lameier and I are IN & OUT of the office on a regular basis.  We are not sitting in the office all the time waiting for people to just stroll in and do not have anyone to sit in the office.  We have to be outside as much as inside talking with people and taking care of business outside of the office.  If you get to the office and the office is locked, call our cell phones to see when we will be back or when you would like to meet up with us.  Call OR text our cell phones at 229-403-7300 for Richard W. Cook or 229-305-5979 for Brian Lameier.  Sometimes we may be in a meeting with someone and cannot talk when you make your call, but can take a second to respond to a text in a few minutes.  It all depends.  When we are in conversation with someone, we will not interrupt our conversation to answer your call.  It will go to voice mail.   Text and we will respond.  Again, may not be right away.  May take a few minutes to respond.

Normal office hours:  Our normal business hours are Monday , Wednesday through Friday 9:00 AM till 5 PM.  On Tuesday’s, we close at NOON.  However, even though we have certain office hours posted does not mean someone will be in the office when you come by or call.  Again and again, Cook Real Estate Agency is IN and OUT and sometimes OUT more than in the office.  We emphasize and re-emphasize this several times in this printout.


RENT PRICES-- NEIGHBORHOODS:  This is the most popular question of all.  Someone always SAYS, “I am looking for a reasonable priced rental in a nice neighborhood.”  We cannot DESCRIBE neighborhoods.  Where someone lives is a personal decision, right or wrong.    You can ask people in the community about the areas of town, but we cannot describe Neighborhoods.  Also, keeping in mind,  the more you pay for something in rent or sale, normally (not always) the better the  house, the better the neighborhood, the better the floor plan, more modern, more things furnished like refrigerator and stove, normally has central heat and air for comfort, etc.  This is why there are $50,000 houses and $300,000 houses.  Not everyone can afford the comforts of one versus the other.  You have to find one that is within your budget.  For an idea of within your budget, you should not pay more than of your total monthly income for housing. 


MOST UPDATED LIST OF RENTALS:  Cook Real Estate Agency can fax, mail, or email the most updated RENTALS AVAILABLE list at any time or you can always swing by the office at 209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville, Georgia (24 hours a day 7 days a week)  to see what may be newly added to the list.  We have a green information box outside the front door of the office with the rental list inside.  Open the door and take one.  we always rent some and are adding new ones:  Check with us periodically, as this RENTAL LIST does change sometimes daily, twice a week, bi-weekly, or monthly.  We just never know when we will be adding a new one.  And the new one may be the one you have been looking for in your price range.    We like correspondence by sending you the most updated list of rentals by email.  If you would send us an email at cookrealtyrental@aol.com and ask for our current list of rentals, we can reply with the most updated list of RENTALS normally the same day.  We will attach in an email the most current list of rentals.

        CALL THE OFFICE TELEPHONE FOR OUR CURRENT LIST OF RENTALS OVER THE TELEPHONE:  Cook Real Estate Agency went to an AUTOMATED ANSWERING SYSTEM over 15 years ago to allow people to call and get our list of rentals over the telephone 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We keep this list updated with our most updated list of rentals.  During the day, if someone answers your call, then ask to be put through to our rental list.  We will.  Once the automated answering system starts, press 1 for our current list of rentals.  Again, this is 24/7 you can call the office to get our list of rentals.

DIRECTIONS:  DIRECTIONS to all rentals:  All directions are from our office of Cook Real Estate Agency at 209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville Georgia.   It is up to you to ride by and make your own judgments of where or where not you will live. 

Residential RENTAL DIRECTIONS (written out from our office)

rentals available :   Directions from our office:.

1)     403 Park Avenue-READY NOW.  This house is a 3 bedrooms, 2 baths (upstairs and downstairs) with CHA.  Turn around and go to South Broad Street up by post office.  Turn right onto Broad Street.  Go approximately 2 to 3 miles to the cancer center or Singletary Oncology Center.  Turn left onto Grant Street.  Grant Street will dead end into this house.  If you have gone to the traffic light by Jerger School and the hospital, you have gone one block too far.

2)     312 Kern Street.  READY NOW.  Go to the traffic light at the intersection of Smith Avenue and Kern Street.  Turn left or right onto Kern Street.  Kern Street dead ends into Farmer’s market.

        What is your TIME FRAME to move in one of our rentals:  WHEN DO YOU WANT TO MOVE IN A RENTAL OF COOK REAL ESTATE’S:  Everyone’s time frame of wanting to move in one of our rentals is different…….  It helps us to know if you want to move now, a week from now, a month from now, etc.  As mentioned earlier in this packet, Cook Real Estate Agency cannot hold any rental for any length of time (with only a deposit).  If the rental is currently occupied or we are still working on a rental you’re interested in and you want to put the total amount of monies down to hold a rental for you until we finish or they move out, then we can do this.  But, again, full amount of monies.  This way you can go ahead and let your current landlord know in writing at least 30 days in advance you have found a new place and will be moving.  It is Georgia landlord/ tenant state law statute 44-7-7 that all tenants are required to let landlord know in writing 30 days before moving paying their last month’s rent at the time..  So, when paying your last month’s rent where you are, put in writing your intentions to move at least 30 days in advance.  You must be a little flexible depending on how the tenants leave the house or apartment.  If there is work involved, it may take a week or so to turn it around and be ready for move in. 

        When does rent start:  Cook Real Estate Agency will start the rent as soon as your application is approved, not when you say you want to start moving in or you want us to start the rent.  Your rent will begin and a lease will be signed within 24 to 48 hours of completing the application and paying the total amount of money to move in.  Again, if it is occupied and will be a little while before house is ready for move in, then we can hold it for you with all monies paid in advance and a completed application presented at the same time.  If you want to move in two weeks, or a month from now, or 2 months from the date we accepted money, then there is no need to put money down, unless you are paying for the months up to when you want to move in.   If you are planning on moving in at a later date, we will need to know this in writing your date you will be moving in the house.  Some have to pay a month or two in advance and move when they are planning. Utilities need to be on in your name as soon as we do the lease signing.  We will need to discuss these options. 


When is RENT DUE here at Cook Real Estate Agency:  All of our rents are DUE and EXPECTED ON or BEFORE the 1st day of each month.  ALL RENTS ARE PAID IN ADVANCE, not during or the middle of the month.  This means before the month starts basically.    If the first day of the month falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we ask you to come in the Friday before the FIRST with your RENT.  Always pay ahead and not get behind because we will evict when RENTS are not in the time frame we have set up for you to pay.  Hardships happen in life, but we at Cook Real Estate Agency cannot carry your hardships or burdens on our shoulders for you.  Hopefully, when such hardships happen, family and friends can help you get through this.  We will sympathize and pray for you, but have to have payments made to us  to pay our commitments we have made.  If we do not get payment in full of what is due by the 10th day of the month DEADLINE, (within the time frame we have set up for you to pay), legal dispossessory warrant and summons will be delivered by the sheriff’s department.


PRO-RATE RENT:  If there is any proration of first month’s rent, we will prorate from the date we receive a signed lease to start rent to the end of the first month and actually pay a smaller reduced rate on the second month, not the first month.  We will prorate rent from the date you receive the key to the end of that first month.  If you are renting the house during the grace period we have of the 1st through the 5th, there is no proration.  Rent starts when we do the lease signing and we give you the key to start moving in.  We do not prorate the last month or when you are planning on moving.  If the first rolls around, then a full month’s RENT IS DUE.  RENT IS ALWAYS DUE ON THE FIRST or before the 1st.   ALL TENANTS RENT BY THE MONTH, NOT BY THE WEEK OR DAY.  ANY TENANT LIVING IN THE HOUSE ANY PART OF THE MONTH (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE PRORATION AT THE BEGINNING) MUST PAY A FULL MONTH’S RENT. 


*******Work with you*******:  WE WILL NOT WORK WITH YOU ON A (getting your money together) DEPOSIT OR WE WILL NOT ACCEPT JUST A DEPOSIT PAYING THE OTHER AMOUNT AT A LATER DATE.  We get this quite often; a person will ask us “will you accept $200 to hold 212 Example Street for us. “  The answer is always NO.  WE MUST RECEIVE THE TOTAL AMOUNT TO MOVE IN (ALL AT ONCE).  NO PARTIAL PAYMENTS.  Unfortunately, we cannot hold any places for any length of time with a partial payment.  We want to start the rental income for the owner as soon as possible. 


Home Application: MUST QUALIFY:  You must complete a home application to rent a house from us.  It takes 24-48 hours to approve or not approve your application.  You cannot move in the same day you put money up to Rent.  We have a 24 to 48-hour minimum waiting period for processing your information on the home application.  Just drop it off in an envelope with the full amount of money to move in.  Please, do not drop off cash, as we no longer accept cash.  If we get your application and no monies with it, NORMALLY, but not always, we will do nothing with your application until we receive the full amount of money to move in.  If we feel you are dropping application off and running to get the money orders right away, then we will start looking at it and even making phone calls about your information on your application as we are as eager as you to get you in the house of your choice as soon as possible.


Cook Real Estate Agency will process your application.  In the processing, Cook Real Estate Agency  will check to see if you pay your bills and other information that will help us get to know you better.  Do not let checking information stop you from completing an application or applying for a house or apartment to rent from us.  Background checks are necessary.


PETS:  PET FRIENDLY: PET FEE:  Owners are getting away from tenants being able to have pets in their rental houses and apartments. PETS IN GENERAL do so much damage to properties and owners end up paying for what your pet did. With this said, pets must be addressed per property.  The owner makes the final choice of whether they want pets in their houses or apartments.  If you are going to have a dog or cat or any other pet and we have Okayed you to have the pet while renting from us, we will need a $300 (ONE-TIME) PET FEE that is NON REFUNDABLE.   THERE ARE NO PETS ALLOWED UNLESS APPROVED BY Cook Real Estate Agency IN WRITING AND SIGNED BY ALL PARTIES.  We will sign a no pet’s clause when signing the lease.  If you pay the pet fee, and your pet does damage to the house, the pet fee does not cover any damages.  The pet fee allows you to have the pet at the house.


Taking rental house OR APARTMENT off the RENTAL MARKET for you:   Once we get THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF MONEY (CERTIFIED FUNDS) TO MOVE IN and the completed application at the same time, we will take the rental house you are interested in renting off the rental market.  The rental will be taken off the rental market for the 48 hour period or two business days to approve your application. NO ONE ELSE CAN GET IT, as we are trying our best to get you into the house of your choice.  If your application is not approved for any reason, then the house will go back on the rental market and your monies will be refunded.  When receiving monies to move in, we will complete a legal document explaining how the monies will be refunded.  We will try our best to get you into your new rental as soon as practically possible. 


When can we get started moving in:  Once we have approved your application, we will complete the one year lease with you.  Once we have gone over the lease with you, we will hand you a key, a copy of your signed ONE YEAR lease, and you can start moving in.  Allow a minimum of 30 minutes for the ONE YEAR lease signing process.  Please leave children with an adult outside of the lease signing so there are no interruptions.  Please turn off all cell phones during meeting and going over lease.


Concerns while looking or moving in:  Your concerns are important to us and are normal.  There is no way we can have every single rental on this RENTAL LIST ready to look at or ready to move in when we list them on the rental list.  write down your concerns as we hand deliver your WRITTEN concerns to the people making the decisions on what needs to be done and what is more of a cosmetic issue we may not correct as we may not be able to spend the money to get just right for you.  We have a budget too. 

Understand reality, we may not be able to correct all of your concerns. In this case, you can normally correct those things we are not able to correct for you at your own costs.  We do not take anything off the rental amount.  Everybody wants the world and a real nice place, and wants someone else to pay for it.  With limited funds from the owner, sometimes the owner is not willing to spend that money for you.  It is just a rental house and not your permanent home or what you may be used to growing up.  When you rent, it is normally temporary housing for a year or so.  Cook Real Estate Agency can help with buying a home.


HOME IMPROVEMENTS:  Any improvements you want to make the RENTAL more LIKE HOME for you (COSMETIC ITEMS) is normally accepted by the owner, but has to be WRITTEN DOWN, SIGNED, DATED, ADDRESS, NAME, ETC. AND passed by the owner for his or her approval.  We have these HOME IMPROVEMENT FORMS in the office and can get them to you by email or handing to you when signing lease.  Also, tenants must understand again that it will be their costs and not the owners, but we first need to respect the owner’s property and pass your ideas of home improvement by the owner.  Please state this on our home improvement form, with the understanding the owner will not pay for your home improvements you want done (above the costs of what we can correct).  We try our best to make the house, as nice as possible with limited funds.


TERM OF LEASES:  Most of our leases are for ONE YEAR.  Therefore, we normally do not have many short-term leases.  Normally, if you are looking for a short-term lease (2 or 3 months or even 6 months’) and/or want something furnished, we suggest the bed and breakfast type housing.  There are really no seasonal rentals available we are aware of that are furnished with all furniture. 


Showing Occupied houses:  We cannot show occupied houses without the tenant’s permission.  Normally, it has seemed lately, we have to wait until they have moved out.  You are welcome to ride by them. We have tried many times over the years setting things up for people and something always goes wrong not showing up or having to cancel.  It seems nine out of ten we set up and will cancel after the tenant has gone out of their way to help.  It gets very frustrating to the tenants trying to help you and trying to move at the same time when people do not show up when scheduled.  Please do not go walking around houses that are occupied.  We will be glad to try and set something up.


MEETING people:  We meet all persons at the office of Cook Real Estate Agency located at 209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville, Georgia. 


PROPERTY MANAGEMENT:  If you know someone that has a rental house or several rentals (apartments) and they are always complaining about not being able to collect the rent, we handle these problems for these owners.  With a 95% to 98% collection rate or even better than that (Most Rents are in by the 5th) , on collecting rents, we will do our best to collect the rent for the owner.  Of course, we do get a commission for this service.  Call Richard W. Cook at 229-403-7300.  We do not let people get behind on their rent.  All our rents are DUE AND EXPECTED ON OR BEFORE the 1ST day of the month. DEADLINE ON RENTS BEING PAID IS THE 10th DAY OF EACH MONTH.  Eviction date of the 11th day of the month or the next business day does mean EVICTION WILL OCCUR.

        Cook Real Estate Agency does Property (RENTAL) management as a licensed Real Estate Broker/agent and property management company.  In order to manage rentals for other owners, a person or individual doing business as a company must hold a real estate license.  There are many companies in Thomasville Georgia that are doing property management for other owners that are not licensed in real estate.  This is against the law.  Richard W. Cook is a licensed Real Estate Broker with the State of Georgia.  Brian Lameier is a licensed sales associate with Cook Real Estate Agency and the state of Georgia.  So, if you know someone that has properties, I would ask their property manager if they are a licensed real estate person.  If not, it is a violation.  They cannot manage other owner’s real estate rentals without being a licensed real estate person.

WEB SITE:     Check our web site at www.cookrealest.com for our history. 


        Place application that you will complete plus certified funds (NO CASH, PERSONAL CHECK, or THIRD PARTY CHECK ACCEPTED) in the form of money order or certified check from your bank for the full amount of money to move in.  If you are going to have a pet, add $300 one time pet fee.  Total amount of monies that will need to be paid to be accepted to rent through  our agency is the FULL RENT + FULL DEPOSIT + FULL PET FEE= Total amount to move in. 

        Get an envelope, slide completed application in the envelope, slide certified funds check or money order in envelope, and slide it through the mail slot in the front door of the office at 209 West Monroe Street.  If you would like to meet us personally, you will need to try and coordinate over our cell phones when we can meet you at the office.  If you state a time and you are not there at that time, we will be gone taking care of other business outside of office.  If you are not going to make your time, it would be nice to know it.  Call our cell phones to cancel as we may be dropping what we are working on away from the office to make a special trip to come and meet you.

        Once we receive the completed application and monies, we will have two business days to approve or not approve your application.  If not approve, we will refund monies.  If approved or in process of approving and you change your mind, you lose all monies.  So, make sure you have made up your mind before sliding your monies through the mail slot that this is where you want to live because we are going to try our best to get you in this place you have chosen.  Once we receive monies, we are taking house off rental market for you and nobody else can get it.  Therefore, you are committing (making a commitment to lease for one year by paying monies and presenting application to rent a particular rental) that you are renting the house for one year.

A Reminder: 

        If you cannot get a ride to the office, then we can mail this information to you.

        We can email the rent list to you.  Send us an email to cookrealtyrental@aol.com and we will respond with the MOST UPDATED RENTAL LIST attached.

        You can get our rental list by looking on the web site for our rentals. www.cookrealest.com

        You can call the office (229-226-3889) and press extension 1 for our list of rentals over telephone.  You can call the office 24/7 and press extension 1 for our list of rentals over the telephone.      

As this list changes from time to time including prices, it is always good to check the day you are wanting to go and look to see if it is still available and see what the price is at that time.  As prices fluctuate from time to time as work is done on certain rentals, the price may increase.  We do run specials on rental prices to get people to jump on it, get us the full amount / the total amount to move in.   If this does not happen during reduced rate, then it will go back to increased price.

        Cook Real Estate Agency is closed Tuesday afternoons and weekends and there are certain times during the week we have left the office early for one reason or another.  Call us when you want to meet up with us at the office and not the property you want to look at.  We meet all persons at the office.

        For any service calls while renting from Cook Real Estate Agency, we have an automated voicemail system that will call our cell number immediately after you leave your message.  You would dial 229-226-3889 and when the automated system answers the call, press extension 2 for service calls while renting from us. 

Richard W. Cook    Cell Number 229-403-7300 

Email: Cookrealtyrental@aol.com

Brian Lameier         Cell Number            229-305-5979

Email: bdlameier@yahoo.com


Listing and selling Real Estate in Thomasville and surrounding areas

REALTOR:  Brian Lameier, our Sales Associate with Cook Real Estate Agency, would like to be YOUR REALTOR when it comes to BUYING and to finding a HOME, FARM, ACRES, Commercial, Etc.  Whether you are RENTING PROPERTY, SELLING PROPERTY, WANTING SOMEONE TO MANAGE YOUR RENTALS, OR WHETHER YOU ARE BUYING, Cook Real Estate Agency has over 58 years of experience.  Again, whatever you may be looking for in buying real estate, we will research and see if there is anything on the real estate market to match what you may be looking for.  Whether you are looking for land, residential, commercial, etc., Cook Real Estate Agency would like to help you locate what you are looking for.  A farm, Brian can help.  Call Brian at 229-305-5979and set up an appointment today.

Cook Real Estate Agency can SELL as well as RENT properties:  COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL, AND LAND/ACREAGE/Farms:  Brian Lameier, our sales associate, handles our listing and selling.  If you know someone selling Real Estate, we can help them like any other REALTOR.  Cook Real Estate Agency is listing and selling REAL ESTATE(ALLTYPES, ,SHAPES, SIZES, and PRICE RANGES.  A lot of people do not consider Cook Real Estate Agency as REALTOR’S.  I know some have not considered us as REALTOR’S as we have handled rentals, but we handle sales, too.  If you know someone wanting to BUY or SELL Real Estate (land or residential or commercial buildings), call Brian Lameier, Sales associate @ 229-305-5979.  Brian is a licensed Realtor.  Richard W. Cook is a licensed Real Estate Broker (Realtor).


Cook Real Estate Agency can show any other Realtors listings they have For Sale-If you see another REAL ESTATE FOR SALE SIGN (1st Thomasville Realty, Chubb and Associates, Key South, Darby Realty Services, Crocker Realty, Rose City Realty, Renaissance Realty, Georgia Florida Realty, Bishop Realty, Thomasville Real Estate Professionals, Thomasville Real Estate Group, Caliber Realty, etc.) on the property other than Cook Real Estate Agency, we can get all the information you need for you to buy that house or land.  Call Brian at 229-305-5979.  Brian is very knowledgeable as he has many years of REAL ESTATE APPRAISAL and REAL ESTATE SALES background in Florida and IN GEORGIA.


We are a small REALTY company that can help with all your REAL ESTATE needs.  Whether RENTING, BUYING, OR SELLING, we feel we can help you.  If not at the time of your call, maybe we will be adding something within your time frame of wanting to move in a house or apartment.  Check back with us.  Email is a great way of communication.  cookrealtyrental@aol.com.  If you do not have email, then texting or calling our cell phone or office number is good.  As we are busy assisting other customers and clients, you may have to leave messages.  As long as we can call your number back without problems, we will call you back.  However, keep in mind, when we call back, sometimes we get messages that say on your phone “you have not set up your voice mail message yet” or “you can’t take incoming calls” or  “number has been disconnected” or variety of other messages.  If we cannot reach you, we cannot call you back.  We do try at least once to call you back.  If there is any minor problem, we do not try again, as we have many calls to return.  If you think you may have given us a wrong number or we may have missed a number somehow or written down your email wrong, please call us back.  Thanks.


LOCATION OF OUR OFFICE:  Our office of Cook Real Estate Agency is centrally located in DOWNTOWN THOMASVILLE, one block from the DOWNTOWN Post Office, one block from the Thomas County Library, and one block from the Thomas County Courthouse.  Actually, they have built the new judicial building or courthouse in our BACKYARD so to speak.   Thomas County Board of Commissioners has just built the new 911 center next door on West Monroe Street.  Address of Cook Real Estate Agency’s office complex is 207-209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville.  Our office is right off of Business Highway 84 or Madison Street.  Cook Real Estate Agency’s office is directly across the street from Singletary Tire Pro’s, Tom Horne Supply, and Horne Candy Company.  Our office has been in this general vicinity since 1960. 


Cook Real Estate Agency would like to thank you for your business.  Cook Real Estate Agency has been helping people to find a place to buy, sell, or rent for over 57 years (Established in the early year of 1960). 


Cook Real Estate Agency  can help with all of your real estate needs. 

Listing and selling REAL ESTATE in Thomasville-Thomas County and surrounding areas since 1960.   Richard W. Cook, Licensed GA Real Estate Broker 

        Richard W. Cook handles mostly rentals.  Cell Phone Number is 229-403-7300.  Text works good.

        Brian Lameier, Sales Associate/GA/FLA Realtor, handles sales.  Brian’s cell # 229-305-5979


Brian handles all the SALES end of the business.  If interested in BUYING Real Estate or interested in Selling Real Estate, Brian will be able to help you.  AGAIN, with many years of experience in appraisals and sales, Brian is well qualified to help you in your search of REAL ESTATE to buy or to purchase or to sell your REAL ESTATE. 


Listing and Selling Real Estate?

Buying a house? Owner of RENTAL PROPERTY that needs help collecting RENT?  We can collect rent for you and take care of all your service calls on your rental houses.  Cook Real Estate Agency would like to talk with you about options in our office.  Please call Richard W. Cook at 229-403-7300.  We sell rental properties, too.


Call Brian Lameier, Sales Associate @ 229-305-5979 NOW or Richard W. Cook, Real Estate Broker @ 229-403-7300 NOW.


o   Residential and Commercial Properties/RENTALS

  1,2,3, and 4 bedrooms houses/duplex apartments


  Residential and Commercial

        Homes, Farms, Acreage, land (small or large)

        Brian knows investors

        Property Management

o   Commercial or Residential

  We can rent your Real Estate RENTAL PROPERTIES (1 or many).  All is run through our REAL ESTATE ESCROW ACCOUNT at a local bank.  To learn more, we ask you to call and set up an appointment with Richard and/or Brian to meet at our office to go over our procedures on renting out your rental properties and taking care of service calls and collecting rent income in a timely manner.

  If interested in talking more about managing your rental property or someone you know that needs this service, we will be glad to set up appointments to meet with us at our office and discuss all the good and bad (possible pit falls) and fees involved.


Investments: RENTALS FOR SALE:  We have a list of RENTALS In-House that are FOR SALE.  Please call Brian Lameier at Cook Real Estate Agency 229-226-3889 Ext 0 or his cell phone is 229-305-5979.  Most of these rentals have been rentals of Cook Real Estate Agency for many years.  If you are a current Tenant in one of our rental houses and you would like to buy (must be a Cook Real Estate Agency or Richard W. Cook owned property), then contact us and let us know.  In this situation of living in one of our rentals and have shown good faith that you will pay on time when mortgage payment is due, then we can discuss buying opportunities.  In this case, you would go directly through Richard W. Cook at 229-403-7300.


Brian Lameier work’s sales and listings off his cell phone (229-305-5979). 

Interested in a house or commercial property we have FOR SALE or another REALTOR may have their FOR SALE sign on the property; Cook Real Estate Agency can help you.  We can get answers to all your questions on the property you are interested in.  Cook Real Estate Agency can show, gather information and sell any REAL ESTATE with ANY OTHER REAL ESTATE SIGN on it (For sale).  Cook Real Estate can write an offer or sales contract.  Brian Lameier can help you by gathering all information, sales price, all facts about property, and showing the property.  AGAIN, Brian Lameier can write the sales agreement.   Again, Brian Lameier  is Cook Real Estate Agency’s  sales associate.  Brian is an excellent REAL ESTATE SALES Associate.  He will bend over backwards to help you find a house, acreage, commercial property, farm, or whatever your real estate needs may be.  Brian Lameier can help you sell your real estate, too. 


Do not forget that Brian Lameier (pronounced Lay-myer) and I (Richard W. Cook) are out of the office more than IN the office.  So, if we do not know you are coming to the office, then both of us could very well be out of the office taking care of things out of the office. 


It is best to text Richard W. Cook with RENTALS (229-403-7300) or Brian Lameier with SALES (229-305-5979) and simply ask us when can we meet you at the office to hand your certified funds (NO CASH, NO PERSONAL CHECKS, NO THIRD PARTY CHECKS) and application or discuss such and such rental house or real estate FOR SALE.  Remember, we can show and sell ANY REAL ESTATE w OTHER REALTOR FOR SALE SIGN ON IT. 


You may have to leave a voice message.  Leave a message and we will call you back.  Make sure you leave a message of what property you are calling about or what you may be looking for in Real Estate Rental or Sales. 

Thank you for your time in reading all this general information about our services!

Richard W. Cook, Real Estate Broker               Brian Lameier, Sales Associate

Cook Real Estate Agency                        229-305-5979 Cell (text works great)

Est. 1960                                                      bdlameier@yahoo.com


cookrealtyrental@aol.com email

229-226-3889 Office

229-226-3978 FAX

229-403-7300 Cell (text works great)

Thank you for your understanding that it is just the two of us.  There is no way we can be in the office all the time or catch everyone’s single phone call when it comes in.  We have as much work outside of the office as inside sometimes.


Cook Real Estate Agency has been helping families to find a place to call home for over 58 years.  We can help you find a house, land/acres, or commercial property to buy.  We can find RENTALS, too.  Cook Real Estate Agency sells REAL ESTATE.  All types , sizes, and price ranges. 


Give Brian Lameier (Sales) a call or text at 229-305-5979. Richard W. Cook is the REAL ESTATE BROKER.  His cell is 229-403-7300.  Text or call, either way works.  Even email us at cookrealtyrental@aol.com or bdlameier@yahoo.com.



1)      If you are at the point where you want to rent a particular rental, Cook Real Estate Agency must have total amount of monies paid up front in certified funds such as money order or cashier’s check from your bank.  No Cash, No personal checks, or third party checks will be accepted.  We do not have debit card or credit card capabilities.  All rent payments moving forward must be certified funds such as money order or cashier’s check from your bank or set it up with your bank to pay online ON OR BEFORE the 1st day of each month when rent is due..  Partial payments of just the deposit or pet fee or any other amount will not be accepted. 

a.     Home Application will need to be completed by you and all adults going to live in the house.  Most of the time, one application is enough.  Sometimes two will need to be completed.

b.     A completed home application and total amount of monies must be presented at the same time.

c.      Once we receive the total amount of monies and an home application applying for a certain rental house, Cook Real Estate Agency will remove the property you are interested in renting from the rental market for you.  If other people call or come in about this rental you have chosen, Cook Real Estate Agency will explain that we have rented that property or have taken it off the rental market trying our best to get YOU in this rental.

2)     If we accept the total amount of monies and the completed application, you are committing to rent the address (FOR EXAMPLE—212 Example Street) for at least ONE YEAR.   Once all this takes place, we are moving forward with our work to get you into 212 Example Street with a ONE YEAR LEASE stating you will live in this house for ONE YEAR.  

3)     There is no changing your mind once we receive total amount of monies to move in and the completed HOME APPLICATION.  You and Cook Real Estate Agency are making a commitment together by you giving us the monies and application.  Once received, Cook Real Estate Agency will start work approving your application.  Our focus is to get you moving in the rental of your choice as quickly as possible so we can start the RENT INCOME for the owner. 

4)     Again, if you change your mind once you walk out the door after placing in our possession full monies and home application to rent a house, Cook Real Estate Agency will not refund all monies paid in full.  This is the only time you will lose any monies if you back out of the actions (Hand us a completed application and total amount of monies to move in) you took to rent the house. 

a.     Sorry NO REFUNDS, unless application comes back not approved.  At this time and only this time are any monies refunded.

5)     READ and UNDERSTAND information on back of the HOME APPLICATION or we may have emailed as a second page when sending by email.

6)     The back of the HOME APPLICATION will be completed and signed by you understanding this commitment to rent.  So, make sure you have made up your mind that you are going to rent a particular rental.  At this point of backing out, you will lose the deposit paid.  We can refund the rent amount paid and any pet fees paid to us. 

7)     You are showing us you are wanting to RENT 212 Example Street for ONE YEAR by presenting HOME application for us to process application so we can get you moving in your new rental as quickly as possible and handing us in certified funds (total amount of monies).


I/we agree and understand the rules and commitment we are making to RENT 212 Example Street.  I/we understand that Cook Real Estate Agency will take (212 Example Street)) off the rental market for us.  Any change in moving forward to Lease 212 Example Street will result in losing the amount of the deposit paid.  The rent and the pet fee will be refunded in the changing of your mind.  Again, you will lose the deposit amount.  Cook Real Estate Agency is taking the necessary time to approve your application and get you moving in. 

Cook Real Estate Agency is CLOSED on Tuesday Afternoons.



209 West Monroe Street, P. O. Box 786, Thomasville, Georgia 31799


Richard W. Cook, Real Estate Broker(2294037300)

Brian Lameier, Sales Associate(2293055979)


(TEXT to set up appointment to see the inside)



403 Park Avenue, Thomasville, Georgia 31792

3 bedrooms, 2 baths-upstairs/downstairs


$825 RENT + $825 Deposit = $1,650 Total amount to move in.


NO PETS, unless approved by management.  If you will have a pet, there is a $300 PET FEE/Non Refundable

across the street from the Oncology center.  --- from the office of Cook Real Estate Agency, turn around and go through the traffic light at Madison and Monroe to the next traffic light, which is Broad Street.  Turn right onto Broad Street.  Go through downtown and cross the railroad tracks.  Keep on Broad Street until you see Grant Street on your left.  It is approximately 1 to 2 miles from the railroad tracks.  If you have gotten to the traffic light at Jerger School and ambulatory care center, you have gone one block too far.  Turn left off of Broad Street onto Grant Street.  The next street is Park Avenue.  The house is right across the street from this intersection of Grant and Park.  In fact, Grant Street dead ends into house.

209 West Monroe Street, P. O. Box 786, Thomasville, Georgia 31799


Richard W. Cook, Real Estate Broker

Brian Lameier, Sales Associate

www.cookrealest.com web site cookrealtyrental@aol.com email        bdlameier@yahoo.com  Brian’s email

Procedures to rent a house or apartment through Cook Real Estate Agency!

1)     Pick up a list of our rentals at our office.  There is a green information box on the front door porch.  Once get get our RENTAL INFORMATION OUT OF THE PACKET, ride around to see the location and outside of the house before trying to get inside to look at it.  A lot of times we can make arrangements for you to look on the inside.  If Occupied. Please do not walk around the house.  If the tenants feel spooked, they will call law enforement.  So, it is very important if the house is occupied to text me at 229-403-7300 to coordinate a time and date you can look inside of the house.  Cook Real Estate Agency requires at least a 24 hour notice to see the inside of a rental coming available (ocupied) out of resp[ect to the current tenants trying to move.

2)    Look on the inside and pick the one you want to lease for one year.

3)    Once you have picked the rental of your choice, ask us to fax, mail, tape to the front door, or email an application to you.

4)    Complete the application and get the total amount of money to move in to your apartment or house.  These funds must be in certified form, such as cashiers check from your bank or a money order.  We have moved away from accepting CASH, personal checks, or Third party checks for rent payment and or deposit.

5)    Once you get your application complete, you have your money order or cashiers check in hand, we are ready to move forward.

6)    Go to our office at 209 West Monroe Street and slide your certified funds(no cash) through the mail slot along with your completed application in the front door of the office.  There is a mail slot in the glass door.  Please write on the envleope or have insdie of the envelope of the house you are applying to LEASE for one year.

7)    Text 229-403-7300 when you slide certified funds and application through mail slot to let us know you have done so. 

8)    Once we receive your application and funds to move in, we will have 48 hours to look over your application to approve it.

9)    Once you have slid your check and application through the mail slot, you are committing you will sign a one year lease and stay in this house or apartment you have chosen for at least one year.  There is no turning back at this point.  So, make sure you have made up your mind that we are moving forward and getting you in the house as soon as possible.  The only way you lose any monies if you try and back out.  We have taken a cetrain house off the RENTAL market for you and your family to live there.  No one else can get it.  Cook Real Estate Agency’s job is to work and do their best to get you in that house. 


Always remember, we are always renting some houses and apartments.  We are always adding more RENTALS.  Go by the office 24/7 and pick up a hard copy of our RENTAL list outside the front door of the office @ 209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville Georgia.


Please read all information provided in the packet you can get from the office, as it may answer 95% of your questions of how to get in one of our rentals.  The list of questions and answers is in the GREEN information box outside the front door of our office at 209 West Monroe Street, Thomasville, Georgia 31792.  Also, on web site:  www.cookrealest.com .  Cook Real Estate Agency can email this packet to you.  Send us an email at cookrealtyrental@aol.com and ask for the current rental list with general information of how to rent be sent to you through email. 


We are IN and OUT of the office all the time.   If we do not know you are coming by (CALL or TEXT), there is a good chance we will be out of the office showing properties, going to meetings, taking care of business outside of the office, etc.   We are CLOSED Tuesday afternoon’s and weekends.  However, if this is the only time you can look at a house and we can work it out to leave a house unlocked for you to see or a key to find to look inside, we will do so.  There is no fine science to this, but try our best to get you in when you want to look.


Thank you for your understanding in our brief ground rules mentioned here.  Again, you really need to pick up our information sheet from the outside of our office at 209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville, Georgia.

Richard W. Cook, Real Estate Broker         

229-403-7300 Cell cookrealtyrental@aol.com


Brian Lameier, Sales Associate                   

229-305-5979  cell bdlameier@yahoo.com
Cook Real Estate Agency
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